160 Point Check

Engine Compartment

The engine is given a visual inspection. This part of the inspection allows us to check the fluids and filters to ensure they are correct and operating as they should.

Electrical Controls

Every car will run on a series of modules and main computer “ECU” we run a diagnostic test on the vehicle to ensure all systems are running correctly and at optimum levels.

Front Suspension / Steering

Bumps and holes, Constant turning take its toll over 1000’s kms. We check all the components are free from leaks and damage ensuring the car runs as it should.

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension of the vehicle is comprised of several key components, these wear down time and should be replaced. Both metallic and rubber based components will show signs of wear and tear, we can identify these and prevent any issues that may arise in the near future.


The vehicles Transmission or Gearbox as it is also know is the second most complex component on the vehicle. It’s imperative this is checked for faults and fluids before being sold.

Exhaust System

The cars exhaust helps the vehicle emit used gases and deposits from the engine. Several brackets and joints hold the whole system together and in place. These systems are checked for damage and wear.

Fuel System

The fuel system is checked throughly.The fuel lines, pump and filters can fail over time. Being a volatile liquid it’s important leaks however small are also identified.

Brake System

The most important safety system on the vehicle is comprised mainly of , Calipers Discs and Pads. These wear out and should be changed , out minimum standards mean we change components so you don’t have to any time soon.


Hidden damage and faults not visible during normal circumstances are identified during a ramp inspection. The underbody inspection gives a trained inspector a much clearer picture of the vehicles condition.

Body Exterior

The vehicles body is the most susceptible to damage. During our inspections we can determine re paints and replace panels to give some idea of potential accident history. This inspection uses high tech equipment to essential services through the vehicles paint to panels foundations.


This part part the inspection is balanced on condition and function,it gives an opportunity to make sure all the operational switchgear and in car entertainment you will use from day to day are all correct and working.

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