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    We don’t just sell cars! We can buy any car within 30 minutes.



    Expat-Motors Selling Agreement ( we sell it for you )


    Selling agreement for Expat Motor Trading LLC to assist customers to sell their vehicle via both

    online ( and offline channels.

    Expat Motor Trading LLC, occasionally referred to as “we” or “Expat-Motors”, will represent the

    seller's vehicle on their behalf and provide a range of services (listed below) to provide a safe and

    easy process for the sale of their vehicle.


    Collectively referred to as the services, we provide:

    Advert setup, which includes;

    - Photography

    - Creation of the car advertisement

    - Price consultation

    - Online advertisement


    Lead Manangement, which includes;

    - Inbound call handling

    - Online enquiries

    - Scheduling viewing appointments


    Ownership transfer;

    - RTA assistance with ownership title transfer


    Miscellaneous, as and when needed;

    - Assistance with clearing outstanding finance on the vehicle ( this will incur a 5% fee of the outstanding principle ).

    - Sales agreement fee AED 99 ( plus VAT ).

    - Should POA be needed this will incur a cost of AED 300 ( plus VAT ) ( POA price is dependent on court cost and may vary ).

    - If the vehicle requires detailing then we charge an additional one time charge of AED 500 ( plus VAT ).

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    Advert: Once posted, all adverts will have a maximum validity of 30 days. It is the sellers

    responsibility to provide Expat-Motors with the relevant warranty and service documents from the

    agency. The seller is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by them. The seller

    will be responsible for any disputes arising between the buyer and the seller should discrepancies



    Fees: The seller agrees for Expat-Motors to advertise their car and charge a fee. The seller

    understands that the listing and last price may need to be decreased if there is no interest in the

    market. We will never change this price without consent from the seller. For the additional

    services we offer (including those referenced above), they will be charged to the seller separately

    when they are availed of.


    Car Price: The Expat-Motors team will guide on the pricing for the vehicle. This will include the

    advertising price and last (bottom) price. The seller has the final decision and all offers will be

    confirmed before any deposit is taken.


    The seller agrees for Expat-Motors to advertise their car. The seller understands that the listing

    and last price may need to be decreased if there is no interest in the market. We will never

    change this price without consent from the seller.


    Once the transfer date has been set with the seller, Expat-Motors will handle the transfer directly

    with the buyer. Should the case arise where Expat-Motors receives funds from the buyer on the

    sellers behalf, these funds will be disbursed to the seller within a maximum of three working days.

    Any money handled by Expat-Motors will be guaranteed and protected. Exchange rates and bank

    charges for receiving or sending from international banks are not the responsibility of Expat-

    Motors. Should the buyer purchase the seller's car using bank finance, the bank will issue a

    cheque payment to the seller or Expat-Motors within 7 working days (dependent on bank) after

    the transfer of the vehicle to the new owner. During this time the seller's payment is legally

    protected by the bank LPO (Local purchase order).




    About Us

    Selling a car in Dubai ? We offer a ‘drive in walk out’ service to help you sell your car in as little as 30 minutes. With onsite RTA facilities for ownership transfer and instant payments options, selling your car with Expat Motors couldn’t be easier.

    Sit back, relax and let us do the hard work for you.

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